Art House Charlotte owner Judith Weston Zehmke




Owner and creator Judith Weston Zehmke

Home for Judith isn’t about square footage, renting vs. owning, or whether the residence houses one person or 10.  What makes it a home is that it’s a place where you can be your truest self.  When you decide to hang watercolors that remind you of a summer abroad or top off your fireplace mantle with black and white sketches that motivate you to keep creating, you’re using art to express memories and inspire your future. OK, so that’s the serious, emotional part. Decorating your home (or office for that matter) with art should also be just plain fun to do.

A life-long lover of fine art and style, Judith has yet to find herself bored by looking at beautiful things, and meeting artists and buyers who share her passion. Judith noticed that the art and decorating market for people like her – people looking for something more original than the mass-produced artwork at (still awesome) stores like Home Goods, but not exactly attending auctions at Sotheby’s, either – was a difficult place to navigate. Where to go? Whom to trust? Why do some galleries act so intimidating? Can’t finding an original painting, made by a real artist, sold by a friendly person in a casual environment, and not costing a fortune exist?

It can and it does. Judith merged her art expertise and social-butterfly nature to create her business, JWV Artists, in 2009, and has enjoyed connecting incredible works by emerging and established artists with lonely walls ever since. JWV Artists changed its name but not its concept in 2016 to Art House Charlotte. 

Art House Charlotte showcases her artists’ inventory in her home gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Artwork can be viewed by appointment, as well as online.  If you are interested in a consultation, please email or call 904.707.5884. 

If you are an artist looking for representation, please email 5 jpegs of your work and your biography to